Tuesday, March 22, 2011

forgotten untitled attempts

I watch mountains. Not close
where inconsistency suggests imperfection.
I watch mountains distantly.
Blue, illusively perfect.

You tore into me
              and left
leaving me to gather
what remains
of my guard.


  1. I find both of these poems beautiful and particularly poignant during this season. I'm grateful.

  2. Hey Allison!

    I like this... for some reason it made me think of William Carlos Williams' poem "The Raper from Passenack." Quick excerpt from it...

    "He was very kind. When she regained
    her wits, he said, It’s all right, Kid,
    I took care of you.

    What a mess she was in. Then he added,
    You’ll never forget me now.
    And drove her home.

    Only a man who is sick, she said
    would do a thing like that.
    It must be so.

    No one who is not diseased could be
    so insanely cruel."

    That's basically the first third of the poem, I didn't want to just post the whole thing (because I don't want to assign you homework via the internet...) but it's very good.

    I've enjoyed reading some of the random thoughts you've been brave enough to post online, I've stumbled upon them by such happenchance... I didn't know you went to school to major in English, that's awesome. I'm finishing up my M.A. in literature studies right now so it's really interesting to randomly read some poetry from someone I knew a while ago.

    If you ever decide to write some more and would like positive feedback (there's something to say in the option of getting feedback to point out the things you're doing well instead of just digging into insecurities and pointing out parts that as a writer, you're already very aware of...), feel free to send them my way. I won't always be super prompt, but I'll send some supportive comments back asap if you send them to KevinMichaelHester@gmail.com (Yes, this is that Kevin back from FHC).

    Don't stop writing, having a wonderful day!