Monday, February 14, 2011

hated is blind, as well as love. thanks, oscar wilde.

Valentine's day must get picked on by all the other holidays. Or at least by half of them.

I have no qualms with valentine's day. I don't stomp around cursing old lovers or mow down passing couples with well-aimed death stares. I don't comfort-binge. I don't rant. But I don't bedazzle myself with v-day red and pink either.

I've never quite understood the divergent armies that seem to gather around mid-February. On one side of the holiday, an over-armed/under-dressed child-creature gains temporary deity status and love abounds. by law. On the other extreme, "love" becomes an expletive, a 24-hour dirty word that will ruin the party for any "singles awareness" participant.

I think extreme responses to one day is exhausting. Enjoy if you want, ignore, if you please.

Don't bury the world in conversation-heart romance.

Don't begrudge the love.


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  1. AMEN. i feel the exact same way! gosh it is good that we are friends. and friends in real life this. week.